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Jerry O'Rourke


Richard Thorpe


Dan Tower

Peter "Roma" Waldor  

        Roger Young  

Jerry O’Rourke

4-WD tour guide Jerry O’Rourke was born and raised in Telluride when Telluride was an active mining town. Jerry is a  rare fourth generation Tellurider whose father, grandfather and great grandfather all worked the Tomboy mine. Jerry relates four generations of mining history to his 4-WD tour guests and shows off the family house foundation in Tomboy along the way.


Jerry has guided 4-WD tours for Telluride Outside since 1995, when he retired from his 22-year career with the U.S. Secret Service. Three of those years were spent in the White House, and over Jerry’s career he was assigned to eight U.S. Presidents.


In addition to his unmatched accounts of Telluride’s mining history, 4-WD tour guests always manage to pry some colorful stories from Jerry’s White House experiences.

Richard Thorpe

Richard has been living and working in Telluride for 11 years after relocating here from Taos, NM. Having just completed his 8th season guiding 4X4 trips in the San Juans, he is an avid outdoor enthusiast who loves the mountains, their unique history and all that they have to offer.


Runner, Hiker, Mountain Biker, Wildflower & Mushroom lover, History Buff, and of course Skier. There isn’t a time of year when Richard can’t find something fun to do in our area. He loves sharing what he has discovered in our mountains with all who are willing to explore.


In the winter Richard is a Ski Instructor, and last winter was selected as Colorado Ski Country-USA Instructor of the Year!

Dan Tower

Tower first arrived in Telluride in the early ‘70s. Since then he has come and gone several times, working as a chef in the Seattle area and running a B&B in Silverton, but has always gravitated back to Telluride’s San Juan Mountains.


Having lived in the area for more than 17 years in total, Dan has become a true expert on Telluride’s colorful mining history and the 4-WD routes that link the old mining camps with the present day town.

Peter "Roma" Waldor

In 1973, Pete thought he had found a great job: staging wine and cheese obstacle races for visiting ski clubs on the Telluride ski mountain.  As years passed, things got better and better.  Pete helped re-start and run the Roma Bar (hence the nickname) then helped open the Fly Me to the Moon Saloon in the late 70s and early 80s.  In 1990, he began guiding 4-WD tours for Telluride Outside, an upstart guide service in a young resort town.  In 1997, he lead complimentary ski tours for Telski and found himself guiding 4-WD tours full time in the summer months.  Pete’s love of people and appreciation for rugged mountains and mining history has made him a tour guide of considerable fame over the years, an individual who has contributed significantly to Telluride Outside’s reputation. 

A fun-loving guide who was born an entertainer, Pete says “I don't think there's more F U N a family could have around here than going on a 4-WD tour with Telluride Outside.  I LOVE my job and I'm looking forward to meeting you!”
P.S. “In 21 years, I've gotten real good at fixing flats.”

Peter Roma

Roger Young

Roger grew up between Telluride and Grand Junction and after college, he moved back to Telluride permanently.  In fact, his family in Telluride goes back five generations, running wagon trains up to the Tomboy to deliver supplies for the mines and running the general store in Ophir.

An avid outdoorsman, Roger is constantly enjoying the outdoors rafting, dirt biking, hunting, fly fishing and of course snowmobiling in the Telluride region. Roger enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience along with his relative’s experiences on his snowmobile and 4x4 tours. A master diver, he can often be found diving around the world, exploring the underworld in the off season.

Roger's gregarious smile and humble competence make him a cornerstone guide at Telluride Outside.  He is one of the most experienced and skilled snowmobilers and off road drivers in Southwest Colorado.  Loved far and wide for his genuine personality, a tour with Roger is a wonderful, authentic experience.

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