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"Ski Season"

 "Ski Season"

Jim Harris, Telluride Angler

Channel Your Inner Heron

The Stealthy Approach

by Adrian Bergere, Telluride Angler guide

Gunnison River Forecast and Tactics

by John Duncan, Telluride Angler


In this article, we forecast river conditions for the Black Canyon of the Gunnison and Lower Gunnison River, down to approximately Austin.  


 Gunnison flow forecast

San Miguel River report and forecast

April 2, 2020

by John Duncan, Telluride Angler 

Bennett's Trout Fishing Alphabet

This week's instructional blog comes from beloved Telluride Angler guide Bennett Hrabovsky, who's self deprecating sense of humor contributes highly to his guiding and angling success.  In the spirit of the timeless Curtis Creek Manifesto, we present:

Bennett's Trout Fishing Alphabet

Dolores River report and forecast

Dolores River report and forecast

March 25, 2020
by John Duncan 

This is the first in our series of reports on the rivers of SW Colorado.  We chose to begin with the Dolores because it has fished much better than expected since ice-off, just three weeks ago.  As if awakening from a good night’s sleep, the River of Sorrows has been in a cheerful mood this spring.

Spring crawfish: on the vice and in the lake

Spring Crawfish:  on the vice and in the lake

Jason Moshonas, Telluride Angler 

COVID-19 protocol

COVID-19 Update and Protocol

Telluride Angler fly shop

1) Telluride Angler is open!  In-store traffic is limited 10 customers at a time. 

2) Telluride Angler’s deep inventory in hard goods will be a resource for anglers throughout the COVID-19 period.  

Snow: The Magic Ingredient Returns to Telluride

Over 80" of snow fell in the Telluride high country this fall.  What a difference a year makes!  Our skiing base is deeper now than in February last year.  Telluride Outside snowmobile tours began in the first week of December with excellent riding conditions.  Unstable weather accompanied by typical cold temperatures are forecast for the indefinite future.  Snowmobilers and skiers are joined by rafters and fly fishers in welcoming a proper winter.  A strong snowpack is the basis for all winter sports and most summer activies, while filling our reservoirs

Blue Winged Olives Light Up Rivers Near and Far

Fly Fishing Report from Two Continents
Telluride, CO and Northern Patagonia, Argentina

April 26, 2018

Northern Patagonia


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