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Patagonia Fly Fishing Report, January 2014

The Patagonia fly fishing report: louder than a television show about a nursing home

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Telluride Outside Snowmobile Tours in high season


Drying Skies, Clearing Rivers

Drying Skies, Clearing Rivers      September 17, 2013

Telluride Fly Fishing Report, July 31, 2013

Unusual weather pattern brings rain to Colorado

Over the last two weeks, major rain systems brought drought relief to Southwest Colorado. We absolutely count on the monsoon for summer rains. When early July passed without, the pangs of panic began to twist. Fires burned on the Rio Grande and Cimarron; it seemed inevitable that the Dolores or San Miguel would burn, too.

Scott Radian Fly Rods at Telluride Angler

July 11, Las Vegas
Scott Radian wins “Best new Freshwater Fly Rod” and overall “Best of Show” at IFTD 2013

June 12: Telluride Fly Fishing Report

June 12 Telluride Outside Fly Fishing Report: Low Water and Rising Trout

Guide Services Open for Summer

Mountains and Rivers Open for Business

Fly Fishing in Telluride: Spring River Conditions, 2013

Spring Fly Fishing in Telluride

Moisture rises into the low pressure system as it spins through the Central Pacific. The jet stream tracks east across the Sierra Nevada, clouds rolling across the Great Basin and piling into Utah's Wasatch Range. Moisture wraps to the south, the gyro cell covering parts of nine states and Mexico, pulling moisture from the Sea of Cortez before charging through the Four Corners to the nation's highest barrier: the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado.

Fly rod selection: Choosing your first good fly rod

Fly Rod Selection: choosing your first good fly rod

We would like to offer three pieces of wisdom at the top of this article:

1) Fly fishing is not a sport of necessities.  It is a sport of preferences, opinions, credos and mystique.  There are no right and wrong choices.  If a fly rod does not make you happy, choose another fly rod. 


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