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Patagonia fishing report

Fly Fishing Argentina: the Patagonia Report

[trip date: December, 2011]  [next trip: January 4-12, 2014]

Patagonia 13Profound inspiration comes from peaking over the horizon, catching a glimpse of another world, a light brush with a former dream that becomes recurring.

Telluride Outside Snowmobile Tours

June 3, 2012: Telluride Outside buys Dave's Snowmobile Tours

After a 12-year hiatus, Telluride Outside is back in the snowmobile tour guiding business.  This spring, Telluride Outside acquired the snowmobiling portion of Dave's Mountain Tours, a guide service that has operated near Telluride for about 15 years.  Beginning in late November 2012, Telluride Outside will offer daily tours in the spectacular Beaver Park area, just 30 minutes from Telluride.

May 19: 4-WD tour routes open a month early in Telluride

May 19, 2012: 4-WD tour routes open a month early in Telluride

Strong fishing in Telluride this week

February 29th

Strong fishing reports have rolled in from all around the region this week.  In the south, the San Juan has enjoyed one of its best winters in many years.  The State of New Mexico did some heavy streambed improvement above the Texas Hole, resulting in much improved structure for upper river wade fishermen.  This has drawn crowds, but the San Juan always draws crowds.  Check it out on a weekday!  Nymphing has been more productive than dry fly fishing (no surprise, in the winter), with micro-sized midge and BWO patterns leading the way.

Wildflowers peaking in Telluride

August 11 -- Wildflowers peaking in Telluride

A late spring and heavy July rains have produced an epic wildflower season in the mountains above Telluride.  To the benefit of both 4-WD tours and photography tours, you'll never see the high country more beautiful than it is right now.  Get up there!  More than 20 species of flowers are in full bloom!

Rafting ends for 2011

August 5   The longest rafting season since 1997 will end this morning as our paddlers make one final lap on the Specie Creek-Beaver Creek section of the San Miguel River.  Thanks to everyone who joined us for some whitewater this summer!

Rafting continues into August!

Viva whitewater!  Intermittent rains have sustained the San Miguel in the rafting zone through July.  We are pleased to offer raft trips in August for the first time in fourteen years!  Rain is in the forecast for the next week, so expect rafting to last through the first ten days of August.  Grab a paddle and join us for a half day rafting trip on the San Miguel River!

Tomboy Road open to Tomboy Ghost Town!

June 23, 2011 Tomboy Road open to Tomboy Ghost Town

Spectacular photo of Wilson Peak reflection

June 18 -- Spectacular Wilson Peak reflection photo

This from Josh Silver, photography tour guest with guide Ryan Bonneau, June 19th.  Nice.


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