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Fishing report December 11, 2018

Dolores ~ Uncompahgre ~ San Miguel ~ Gunnison

San Miguel River:  check back in late February!

Dolores:  check back in late February!

Uncompahgre:  (41 cfs at Pa-Co):  The Uncompahgre is one of the best winter fisheries in Colorado.  At Pa Co Chu Puk, sight fishing is possible in every pool, whether fish are rising or nymphing.  It generally takes a technical pattern fished on light tippet with a perfect presentation to fool these fish right now.  Non-bead midge pupae and emergers are the most consistent performers.  Hatch activity will be highlighted by mid-day midges through the winter, just enough to motivate the trout.

Gunnison:  (324 cfs):   Winter fishing on the Gunnison is centered on the lower river, both up and downstream from Gunnison River Pleasure Park.  Beyond dispute, these are low water conditions.  Float fishing is not practical below the Gunnison Forks, but the wading angler has free reign, especially above the GRPP where the river's broad riffles are uniquely easy to cross.  Winter hatches can be surprisingly strong.  Midges and blue winged olives will hatch intermittently between now and April, when we expect the Bureau of Reclamation to adust flows based upon the winter snow pack.  Since the water is more calm overall, fish are more likely to rise.  Watch for surface activity during the warmest daylight hours, from noon-3:00 or 4:00pm. 

Rising fish are usually taking midges, and you'll be impressed by how "intelligent" Gunnison trout become when dining on these smallest insects.  A long 6x leader and well-chosen dry fly can produce rewarding sight fishing through the winter months.  When no one is rising, nymph riffles and seam lines with a wide range of patterns, from the ubiquitous Pat's Rubber Legs (on the big side of the spectrum), to your full San Juan or Platte River tailwater midge and mayfly selection.


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