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Fishing report June 29, 2017

Dolores ~ Uncompahgre ~ San Miguel ~ Gunnison

San Miguel River:  (600-800 cfs below Placerville)  The San Miguel peaked about ten days ago and has begun its long fall to fishable conditions.  The main branch won't be fishable until early July, but feeder creeks will become fishable sooner and local lakes are fishing terrific.  Trout Lake, Priest Lake and Miramonte all provide entertaining fishing all day long.  Fish rise reliably in the evenings, but morning and mid-day have also been productive.  Please call the shop or stop by for specific fly recommendations and tactics.

Dolores River:  (230 cfs at Rico)  Parts of the Upper Dolores are already fishable, along with the mule shoes of the West Fork and several feeder creeks.  The mighty snowpack seems to be in rapid retreat.  Each day brings clearer water, more hatching insects and a stronger probability of catching fish.  Nymph the main branch with stonefly nymphs, large caddis and general imitators such as Prince variations, Copper Johns and soft hackles.  The Tungsten Head Sally, Pat's Rubber legs and Wired Stone are excellent choices for larger flies.  

Uncompahgre:  (345 cfs at Pa-Co):  The Uncompahgre's snowpack was among the lightest watershed snowpacks in Colorado this year.  Flows peaked at under 800 cfs and are now on the drop.  Fish were caught throughout the high water period and excellent angling will soon resume as flows are now below 350 cfs.  Come out fishing technical mayfly nymphs, including Barr's patterns, the Mayhem, RS2 variations and other Colorado classics.  Midges play an important roll throughout the early summer, even when larger aquatics may be present.  The 250-500 cfs range is superb for streamers, so don't be afraid to abandon match-the-hatch tactics completely.

Gunnison:  (1,170 cfs):   The curtain rolled back and stoneflies were already hatching.  The giant salmonfly hatch still lingers in the upper Black Canyon, but is fast fading below Ute Park.  If you're fishing upstream, throw size 4 and 6 salmonfly dries such as the Rogue Foam Stone, Flush Floater and venerable Sofa Pillow.  Several other hatches have taken over downstream from Ute Park and are beginning to mask the salmonfly hatch near Chukar:  giant golden stones, yellow sallies, pale morning duns and abundant caddis.  The observant angler will fish the coming hatches, not the vanishing ones.  Don't hesitate to switch off the big bugs if fish are dining upon other selections from the Gunnison's spectacularly broad menu.

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