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Fishing report June 16, 2019

Dolores ~ Uncompahgre ~ San Miguel ~ Gunnison


San Miguel:  Fair enough, the San Miguel may be unfishable until late July.  We've seen this before, however, and the promise of great fishing in August and September makes it worth the wait.  High water is unconditionally good for the trout.  Their homes are bigger.  The water stays nice and cold in mid-summer.  They are harrassed less by people like us.  Trout love a high water year, but we'll have our way with them in the fall.  The last time we had a truly protracted runoff was 1995, when the San Miguel held over 300 cfs all the way through August.  The hopper fishing in September was the best in memory.  The San Miguel runs off later than the Dolores or Gunnison, so it will likely be the last piece of our fishing puzzle to fall into place this season.


The river remains high, but stillwaters including Trout Lake, Priest Lake, Woods Lake and Miramonte Reservoir provide a compelling playing field for our sport.  Early season midge hatches provide dry fly opportunities on most of these lakes.  Please inquire for recommended fly patterns and fishing strategies.  It's stillwater season.

Dolores:  The Dolores has peaked and begun its long drop into fishing shape.  It will be early July before the main branch is fishable, but watch the creeks carefully.  Each has its own runoff schedule.  There will be clear, fishable water and rising trout much sooner than one might expect considering the overall high snowpack.  

Uncompahgre:  Pa-Co-Chu-Puk is still marginally fishable at 550 cfs, but promises to go much higher in the next couple weeks.  At this level, it is possible to nymph successfully with long leaders and sufficient lead, but one's approach to the river is critical to success.  Only the largest pools and eddies provide the opportunity for a good dead drift, so examine the river carefully before you commit to a specific casting position.  High flows loosen up the fly box.  A wide array of mayfly nymphs, midges, caddis and even stonefly nymphs will fool fish from time to time.

Gunnison:  Our first river to fall into shape is the Gunnison.  Free falling from a peak of more than 7,000 cfs, the Gunny will be fishable for both wading and floating anglers for the famous salmonfly stonefly hatch.  These largest of all aquatic insects will hatch throughout the second half of June, raising heavy fish from the Gunnison's depths to take dry flies against the rock walls and grassy banks.  Grab your 6-weights, 2X, size #4 salmonflies and head into the Gorge.


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