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COVID-19 protocol

By admin - Posted on 23 March 2020

COVID-19 Update and Protocol

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all of our customers during this unprecedented period.  Your support of our guide services and retail store has been truly humbling, but it is the connection to each of you as friends that will prove most enduring.  If we are smart and patient, COVID-19 will pass.  We wish prudence, safety and the escape of the great outdoors for all.

This post will be updated with every shift of information during this uncertain time.  Even when we are able to declare ourselves unconditionally open for business, it will be important for our customers to understand the adjustments in our methods and potential operational limitations in order to book guide services with confidence.  Transparency is key, because we are all in this together.


Telluride Angler fly shop

1) Our door is closed to the street, but we are open for online and phone business, processing and shipping orders daily.

2) Telluride Angler’s deep inventory in hard goods will be a resource for anglers throughout the COVID-19 outbreak period.  

3) Information is still power!  Consult with Rich, Jason, John, Parker and Jim by phone, email or chat 7-days-a-week.  If you see the chat line on in the evening, we’re probably hanging out at home, ready to talk fishing.  If anything, we expect to offer expanded consulting hours during the COVID-19 period.

4) Telluride Angler has never been cleaner.  Even behind closed doors, we disinfect our working areas multiple times daily.  Proceed with knowledge that we take the health issue very seriously, protecting both ourselves and our customers with rigid hygiene practices.


Telluride Outside guide services

1) Telluride Outside/Telluride Angler is accepting guide service reservations for all dates beyond May 1.  Between now and then, we will comply with Telluride’s “shelter in place” guidelines in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19.   In late April, we will re-evaluate the state of the COVID-19 outbreak and make necessary adjustments to our guiding season.

2) We expect all guide services to be operational for summer 2020:  fly fishing, rafting, 4-WD tours and SUP tours.

3) Many new articles of protocol have been implemented in our guide service, from disinfecting vehicles to limiting loads in group transportation, cleaning rental equipment and requiring fly fishing customers to follow their guide to the river.  

4) Health related cancellations are graciously handled with a full refund.  Please monitor your own health and opt-out if you are not feeling 100% for your guide service trip.  We’re all in this together!

Target opening dates for each guide service

Fly Fishing:  May 1

Whitewater Rafting:  May 18

4-WD Tours:  May 18

SUP Tours & Rentals:  May 18


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